Miami Lakes is known as one of the most beautiful residential areas in South Florida because of its tree lined streets, large estate lots, and extremely low crime rate. We don’t like to brag, but so many Miami Lakes homes have custom-built closets & home storage areas built and installed by Exclusive Closet Design that we feel responsible for some of that beauty.   We realize that our work may not be easily seen while driving through the area, but we have added to home values and pride of ownership, none the less. Finally incorporated as the Town of Miami Lakes in December of 2000, it is one of the youngest municipalities in Miami-Dade County.

walk in closet 4 150x150 Miami Lakes Closet DesignEven a town this young has older homes (some from the early 1960s), which had adequate storage for their day, but no more. We have helped many residents to modernize their storage options utilizing custom-built closets & home storage while keeping their home’s original charm.  There are 23 lakes nestled within the neighborhoods here, thus the name Miami Lakes. There are also numerous parks located within walking distance of every neighborhood.  These amenities have greatly added to the appeal for younger families. Modern families though, have more “stuff” and older homes are often woefully short of store space. We have a very wide variety of custom-built closets & home storage solutions available to fit every situation.

Fitting more “stuff” into an older home requires a little more, than just stacking and shoehorning things into already cramped closets. You need professional help. We all have friends who have tried to create their own in-home storage areas and all that can be said for the best ones is that they didn’t devalue the houses they were in. Please don’t try this at home. The resale value of your home and the safety of your family depend on it.

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