Pinecrest, FL Closet Design

Although the Village of Pinecrest is relatively new (1996) by South Florida standards, it has been growing and improving by leaps and bounds and is now home to just over 5,000 families. This is a vibrant community where young people are evident everywhere and growing families make up a significant part of the population. Wouldn’t it be great if your original dream home would just automatically expand to accommodate new family members?

We are Exclusive Closet Design and we can’t make your home any bigger, but we will make it seem that way, through the creative use of closets & closet organizers.

glass ware starage 150x150 Pinecrest Closet DesignWe build storage areas, closets & closet organizers to fill any need and make life better by keeping clutter from invading your personal space. This makes it much easier for your home to handle a growing family. If you need to organize your home or office, you need Exclusive Closet Design. Pinecrest was named a Tree City USA community by the Arbor Day Foundation in recognition of the fact that the village has planted over 10,000 street trees since 1997. If you love trees and wood in general you may want to pay special attention to the variety of woods and finishes we use to build our closets & closet organizers. There are other options, of course, if you prefer. Exclusive Closet Design is famous for creating versatile closets & closet organizers to fit the highly individual requirements of our customers, their families and homes.

Your project is custom manufactured in order to fit perfectly and perform as expected. We guarantee the results. Call us today at 877.396.3331 or 786.573.5001 and schedule your appointment. Our custom closets & closet organizers will help organize your home in new ways and yet allow you to find things quickly and easily. Usable storage space can be found and built into every room, even the garage, mud room and laundry areas. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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