Licensed & Insured Custom Closet Space Builders in South Miami, Florida

Exclusive Closet Designs is a family owned and operated company that has been designing and manufacturing custom closets of all sizes and styles. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have all it takes to get a perfect closet solution for your home and office. No matter how much space is available to us, we focus on creating usable space in your homes and offices through custom storage closet designs.

Our expertise includes wall units, walk-in closets, Murphy beds, shoe closets, and customized office organizer closets. Whether you need small closets, medium ones or large closets, we can optimize the available space so that you can sort out your stuff and store them in an organized manner. Our closet designs are carried out following a thorough discussion with the clients to understand their specific requirements about the look and feel of the closet. Our flexible design solutions are aimed at making it easier for you to turn your dream closet idea into reality.

Free consultation service is available at Exclusive Closet Designs, where you can schedule an appointment with our experts and discuss your Miami Florida Custom Closetsrequirements and budget with them. This no-obligation consultation can clear many of your doubts and let you know about the best approach to getting custom storage closet designs. Our designs reflect functionality and beauty, and you get all that at a price you can afford.

Our artisans and technicians are well trained and carry out the design, manufacturing and installation services with great finesse. Each aspect of your closet is perfected to the last detail so that you get nothing but the best. We ensure that once the closets are installed, we leave the area clean, orderly and ready to use.

Each of our services comes with lifetime warranty and the satisfaction of best prices, service and quality. All the manufacturing is done in the U.S.A. by some of the best designers and artisans in the industry. We provide personalized services to our clients to ensure we match their specific requirements and deliver beyond what is expected.

To schedule a free consultation with us, call 1 (877) 396-3331 today.