Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

The bedroom closet is possibly the most used space in your home. If left unchecked it can be a messy, disorganized space behind those closet doors. Using some easy storage solutions, your bedroom closet can be the organized space you’ve always wanted.

The best way to start is by separating all your closet items into categories. Storage containers are great for storing out-of-season clothing and which can be placed on a shelf until needed. Now finding your clothing becomes easier!

Another great tip for organization is using hooks on the wall to keep belts, scarves and ties up organized. Keep your shoes in order with a shoe rack or shelf, so they are always in one place. Shoeboxes can also be a useful option for storing shoes on shelves.

More customizable options include things like a tie rack or jewelry organizer. If you have drawers, dividers can help to keep lingerie or small accessories from becoming a tangled-up mess.

Large Closet

Master closets are often much larger than other bedroom closets, which allows for many more storage options. If the master closet is shared between two people, it is important to determine how the items in the space will be organized to best fit the needs of each person. One solution is to install clothing rods that will store items that are used frequently and use adjustable shelving for storing out-of-season clothing or accessories in containers.

If the master closet space is restricted, try to use as much vertical space as possible. Drawers can be very helpful, combined with a closet rod and shelving mounted to the walls as high as the closet will allow. Try using slim hangers for maximum clothing storage capacity.

Small Closet

Sometimes the space you’ll have to work with is so small, you might think no amount of organization will help. While it may be a tough task, organizing a small closet is possible. In fact, by using every inch of vertical space, you can create a functional, messy-free closet.

Simple to install wire racks are perfect for lining the walls from top to bottom and can be extremely cost effective. Store everyday items on the bottom, and out-of-season clothing or items that are not used as often on the top shelves. Keep items off the closet floor by using clothing rods, wall hooks and baskets that slide easily onto shelves. Use floor space for a shoe rack or to store larger items.

If you want to store clothes in a small closet, make sure you have a sturdy closet rod to support and hold your items up safely. Closet rod brackets are easy to install and will do the job, with minimal tools required. Adjustable rods make it easy to fill your small storage area.

As you can see even the smallest closet in your home can be turned into a functional, organized space with these simple storage solutions. To learn more, contact Exclusive Closet TODAY.

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