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Miami’s top choice for closet organization

A closet system is everything that goes inside a closet to allow it to store clothes etc., thus shelves, shoetrees, rods and even hangers could comprise a closet system. At Exclusive Closet Designs we custom build closet systems for all manner of closets and personalities. It is important to share your lifestyle information with our design team. Think of it this way, given two closets of the same size, one to Liberace and the other to Imelda Marcos. There is no way that they could use the same closet system.

Your closet must reflect your personal style and personal storage needs. Once our team understands your needs and you choose the color and material, we measure your closet and the design phase begins. In no time, our craftsmen return to install your new closet system. You now have a place for everything; no more lifting to discover what is underneath.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Exclusive Closet Designs, serving Dade and Broward Counties is South Florida’s premier manufacturer of closet systems. We use only the finest of materials from a variety of metals and composites, to common and exotic woods. We can build closet systems for every closet in every home or business.