Modern Shoe Closet MakersOn average, women wear just 20% of their shoes 80% of the time, but somehow statistics get thrown out the window when you get to the shoe store(s). How many pairs of shoes do you own? You probably have several different pairs of dress shoes, work shoes, sandals, fashionable boots, sneakers, and running shoes just for starters. Then of course there are the strappy ones, the pumps, the flats, the heels; well you get the idea. What if you had one place to store all of your shoes? One place devoted to your shoe collection; not in the same way that men collect things; oh no, shoes are something different – something special. How about shoe closets or more modern closets with shoe racks? What if you didn’t have to buy a mansion to have a shoe closet?

What if there was a company that could modify an existing closet to house and display your shoes? You don’t have to daydream any longer. It’s time to call in Exclusive Closet Designs. Shoe closets are not just an elegant way to display your shoes they also create more space in your home. One of our licensed and insured closet design experts will come to your home and find out just exactly what you want, measure the area you have designated for shoes and return with a design to match your needs at an affordable price. Maybe you already have sufficient room, in your closet, but need better organization. We will let you know. Did we mention that your satisfaction is guaranteed? Family owned and operated, Exclusive Closet Design has been Miami’s best known custom designer of modern closes for over 25 years. This didn’t happen by chance.

Exclusive Closet Design has custom built modern closets, shoe closets, organizers, shoe racks and storage space for some of the finest homes in Miami / Dade County. Whether you have a high heel collection that should be in Guinness’ Book of World Records or you just need us to build shoe racks to keep them off your closet floor, we are your best choice. Building modern closets is our everyday business, building shoe closets are our specialty and no one does it like we do. Custom designed shoe closets come in many shapes and sizes. If you have a large collection of haute shoes, you could spend a lot of money on a custom, walk-in closet, just for your footwear. What about a purpose-built organizer or shoe racks sized and built just for you? There is no reason to put your beautiful heels in plastic boxes or something that hangs on the back of your door. With our special skills at organizing and creating extra space, you may feel forced into buying just a few more shoes. Call Exclusive Closet Design at (786) 573-5001 – Hablamos Español.

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