Miami Florida walk-in closet designMiami Walk-In Closets

Custom designed walk-in closets and built-in storage

Walk-in closets are exactly what you think; a closet system that’s large enough to walk into. Walk-in closets can be a conventional size or as large as another room. Either way, they have the same design opportunities and challenges, which make Exclusive’s solutions and master craftsmen really shine. Walk-ins allow for more storage simply because they are larger. Their interiors require careful planning the closet organizers to maximize and manage every cubic inch of useful space.

We are the South Florida experts at creating walk-in custom closets that take full advantage of every bit of usable space. Your walk-in closets can be built with a dressing area, extra seating, indirect or direct lighting, sliding closet doors, bifold closet doors and even be set up, to utilize your current central air-conditioning system. You have an astounding choice of exotic wood designs and harmonious closet accessories available. We transform your walk-in closets using beautiful hardwoods, exquisite custom finishing and the most professional craftsmanship available today.